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As a business owner, you are legally bound by Occupational Health and Safety laws applicable in your country, to establish and maintain a workplace that is safe for your employees to work in, and do not expose them to undue health risks. This is not something you can choose. You have to comply.

You can ignore it, yes, but when someone is seriously injured, you will regret it for years to come. The penalties for Occupational Health and Safety violations are not the ideal situation to keep your doors open.

Demonstrate your business’ commitment to protect your people, property and environment with a Star-grading from SmartSafe.

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US$ 200 per premises

Valid for 6 months.


US$ 125 per month

Free SmartSafe program

Quarterly audits

Managed Service

US$ 145 per month

Free SmartSafe Program

Monthly Support Inspection

Quarterly Audit

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Compliance is not an option. But it does not have to be bank-breaker. Get an affordable solution today.

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Designed for you

SmartSafe offers a customised solution designed around your company’s legal responsibilities.

It is focuses on legal requirements only, and does not require you to do things the law don’t require.

It allows you to comply with a set of industry best practice standards whilst giving you the freedom to manage your business objectives within budget.


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